Prof. Khoo Kay Kim said...

"The university today does not teach people how to think. The students come to university to make money. I always said to my students if you want to be rich don't come to university. The rich Chinese are mostly uneducated. To be rich you are not obliged to be highly educated. You can just pick one spot in KL and start selling Nasi Lemak and trust me your earning will be higher than university's Professor. People come to university in order to be a complete human being, not about making money. When I correct SPM history papers most of the time I will be correcting my own answer schemes. Our education system does not produce human but robots."- Prof Khoo Kay Kim

Selasa, Disember 22, 2009

Gambaran di sekitar Dakwah Turun Ke Lapangan -Sayengi Sek-sek kito di KB Mall

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